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One Plan Covers Multiple Sites – With VoIP, you can do away with the expense and hassle of multiple business phone systems and phone bills.

Work From Anywhere – Allows employees to take their phone home, transfer calls to their cell phone, or even set up their extension to ring multiple lines at the same time.

Disaster Recovery – You will never miss another call again because of phone line, power or Internet outages at your business location.

Smart Phone = Desk Phone – You can download the free-hosted PBX App and your smart phones can become your desk phone from any location.

Voicemail to Email – This convenient feature allows you to receive voicemail at a designated email address with the option to save permanently in email folders for reference.

Paperless Fax – A quick and easy way for you to send and receive faxes, send a fax like email, receive inbound faxes to your email and all without the hassle of wasted paper, expensive toner or outdated fax machines.

Route Calls Automatically – Calls can be routed according to hours of operation, department responsibilities, events, worker schedules, caller ID, and other important criteria.

Popular Features – Voice to Email; Virtual Receptionist; Call Recording; Paperless Fax; Call Group.

Video Conferencing – Schedule a video conference on the spot, or elevate an ongoing call.

SMS (Texting) – Text to office numbers. Texts would be received and replied through email.

When you rely on Voice as a Service (VaaS) calling, you don’t have to just have one-on-one calls. VaaS can accommodate multiple people allowing businesses to engage in a conference call or a virtual interview with a prospective new employee. The call takes place in real-time and, because VaaS compresses data, more calls can be handled on the line at any one time. Schedule a video conference on the spot, or elevate an ongoing call.

Because Voice as a Service (VaaS) operates over the Internet, you can do more than just engage in phone or video calls. Schedule a video conference on the spot, or elevate an ongoing call.

Get up and running quickly. Setting up the system is quick and easy, your phones arrive pre-configured to work on the system and ready to plug in. Manage your services from a desktop through our user-friendly admin portal. Assistance is available from our exceptional tech support team when you need them.

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